My grandparents are incredible examples. They filled their lives with family, friends, travel, education, service and work. Many times my mother would tell me that, “they have been busy their whole lives. Now they have time to talk and no one will take the time to listen.”


Photography acts as a time-machine, preserving memories and experiences that the passage of time attempts to erase from our lives. I want to capture wisdom. We're surrounded by loved ones and even acquaintances who can bless our lives if we give them the opportunity to teach us. Age is not simply time on earth, but a measure of experience and wisdom - wisdom that is desperately needed in today’s world.

My hope is to help you preserve memories and cherish the wisdom and stories of your loved ones.  Just a few hours of listening can reveal countless stories, while just a few photographs can capture a lifetime of experiences. 

Your loved ones have words for you. Please allow me to help you to take a moment, step inside their lives and listen.

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